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Respite Care

If you are looking after a loved one and providing them care, then firstly well done. Well done for stepping up to a full time job that is very difficult most of the time.

We understand that being a full time carer can get very rough sometimes. You may want to have a day off every now and again and Professional Care Southwark can help you with that.

If you are in the Southwark area the we can provide you with respite care. This will allow you to have a morning, day or few days off whenever you may want to. Our experienced carers will provide the care that you provide while you take a day off.

If you are feeling guilty about even considering taking a day off, then please don’t. Taking some time off allows you to refuel. It allows you to get some well needed rest and take care of yourself and come back ready to work again.

We will provide your loved one with the care they need and we will do it your way. We know that you will have a routine in place. In order to cause as least disruption as possible we will follow your routine down to the letter.

We are here to help you whenever you may need us. We can provide a place and qualified carers to help your loved one to ensure that you can focus on you for a change.

If you would like any more information regarding our respite care in the Southwark area, then please feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.